Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger Review

Are you looking for decent services and affordable web hosting platform rates? Hostinger is an excellent choice.

The web hosting platform Hostinger delivers private users, companies, and businesses the ability to create free websites that can help them establish their online presence.

Formerly known as, Hostinger features an advertising-free web hosting platform with an easy-to-use hPanel, a revised version of cPanel. It also provides configuration for PHP (scripting language for web development) and MySQL (a relational database management system) that employs Structured Query Language (SQL).

The company was founded in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania, with the name Hosting Media. In six years, the small website host company gained about one million users. Later in 2011, the name Hostinger was born as the company grew.

Today, Hostinger is considered one of the most affordable web-hosting providers, with over 29 million users collectively in its subsidiaries in 178 countries. They have an average of 15,000 new users daily. This number means that they get one new client every five seconds.

Hostinger’s services include web hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, cloud hosting services, and domain registration. Check them out if you are looking for various hosting service options for your website.


Hostinger specializes in low-cost hosting, which makes them ahead of the pack. Many of their plans include free website building services, free domain names, free SSL certificates, an SEO toolkit, and protection against malicious attacks.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

Hostinger offers three choices of shared hosting plans, with a monthly rate starting at $0.99.

Single Shared Hosting — This plan is ideal for beginners building a small website but requiring a budget-friendly option. Single Shared Hosting is the cheapest plan and gives you one website and one email account. It comes with 10GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage space on one MySQL database and weekly backups. Plus, it offers up to 100 GB of bandwidth support.

Premium Shared Hosting — This plan offers an unlimited number of websites and email accounts, along with a free domain name. In this plan, you will get double the amount of processing power and memory. It also comes with unlimited bandwidth and weekly backups.

Business Shared Hosting — This plan is best for those who require a high-performing site but are not yet ready for a more advanced hosting mode. Business Shared Hosting gives four times the processing power and memory. It also offers a free domain name, daily backups, and unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, email accounts, and more.


Hostinger’s only disadvantage is that it does not have phone support. Hostinger’s helpful and friendly customer service team is available, though, 24/7 every day of the year thru webchat and through their online form to answer your web hosting questions.


  • It provides an excellent uptime rate of 99.99%
  • With its 380ms average page load time, Hostinger delivers an outstanding user experience level
  • Tools and features can be found in one place, making it easy to use
  • It offers a feature called BitNinja, a software that prevents digital threats, including malware risks, attacks from hackers, and more
  • You can get a full refund within 30 days if you are not pleased with Hostinger’s services and platform options


  • Does not have a traditional cPanel dashboard
  • Not all of their offered plans allow you to apply for a refund, such as plans with domain renewal privacy protection


To sum it up, Hostinger seems to be an affordable yet high-performing web hosting platform. It delivers all the needed features and options that are ideal for newbies creating websites. So, if you are planning to create a blog or business website, consider giving Hostinger a try.