Best Web Hosting Malaysia

Having a website that’s offline, slow-loading, or poorly performing will chase away visitors. An outstanding design is only part of the equation here. Partnering with the wrong host may cause even top sites to misbehave.

Companies providing the best web hosting Malaysia will work with you to provide robust solutions to these problems.

How to know which companies are best is more challenging. With thousands of packages to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Who wouldn’t feel daunted by the prospect of sifting through the long list?

That’s why we decided to create this post. Here we’ll discuss the top ten hosting options for Malaysian consumers. We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of each one and see how they measure up.

Best Web Hosting Malaysia 2022 – Reviews

1. Hostinger

Hostinger Logo

Hostinger has servers in Asia, America, and Europe to facilitate the quick transfer of data. They come out on top because they blend value, speed, and reliability seamlessly.

Plans range from about RM4 to RM12 a month.

If you have dreams of blogging superstardom, you need around RM4 a month to get started. That’ll buy you the basic Shared hosting package. You receive a single site, 10 GB of disk space, and 100 GB of bandwidth.

Budget around RM60 extra if you’d like a premium domain name. The Shared Hosting plan provides excellent value for the beginner.

With the Business Shared Hosting option, you may accomplish even more. You receive 100 GB of disk space, an unlimited number of websites, databases, free backups, an SSL certificate, and cron jobs.

Should you need more space, upgrade to the Premium Shared Hosting package for more unlimited resources and a massive 200 GB of disc space.

If you’d like a more tailored solution, consider the WordPress, VPS, or cloud products.


  • Cheap
  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Uptime is close to perfect
  • Pages load quickly
  • You may also buy your domain through Hostinger


  • Check the renewal prices; they’re much higher
  • There’s no phone support

2. SiteGround

siteground logo

SiteGround servers are in Singapore, Australia, America, and Europe. As a testament to its service, this company is one of only three hosts that WordPress endorses.

The web hosting packages range from RM29 to RM62 a month. These are higher than many on the list, but you receive a quality hosting product in return.

Every plan from SiteGround provides:

  • Storage on fast SSD servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A free CDN
  • Unlimited databases
  • As many subdomains as you like
  • Access to a robust web-building tool
  • Free backups
  • Performance-enhancing features

Clients may select one of three hosting products.

With Startup, you receive a single website with 10 GB of SSD storage. The option is best for starter websites as you’re only allowed 10,000 visitors a month.

GrowBig allows you double the SSD storage, as many domains as you like, and a maximum of 25,000 visitors a month. You may backup your site whenever you want for free.

GoGeek is for those that want it all. It’s a supersized version of the GrowBig package. Your site will accommodate up to 100,000 visitors a month. You’ll have access to 30 GB of SSD storage, premier features, and advanced support.


  • Server speed is excellent
  • The company provides servers in Singapore
  • Most of the limits on the plans are generous
  • Several useful features available
  • Reliable service and uptime


  • The limits on visitors are low
  • Expensive compared to other options

3. A2 hosting

a2 hosting logo

A2 Hosting servers are in Singapore, America, and Europe.

You’ll pay introductory prices between RM12.50 and RM62 monthly. A2 provides premier hosting at low prices. They use SSD or NVMe servers that are blazingly fast to improve upload and download speeds.

The firm has more servers than it strictly needs to provide a buffer against clients who hog resources.

There are four plans available. For a single website, you can’t go wrong with Startup. You’ll get five databases, an automated site migration, and 100 GB of SSD storage.

The Drive plan upgrades the one website to unlimited domain names, storage, and databases. Consumers receive free backups and assurance that traffic surges won’t crash their websites.

Many clients select Turbo Boost. It has all the same features as Drive but upgrades the storage to NVMe servers. The faster servers and the performance-enhancing scripts the company uses make your site far faster.

Turbo Max is for the client that wants the best performance. You’re able to select which data center suits your clients best. You also have access to an impressive range of advanced features.


  • You get SSL certificates with any plan
  • There are servers in Singapore
  • A simple, efficient website tool
  • Blazing speeds
  • Reliable host.


  • No full refunds
  • No free domain name

4. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks logo

GreenGeeks servers are in Europe and America. That’s not ideal for Malaysia. The well-priced packages are, however, a consoling factor.

The plans range from the introductory prices of RM12.30 to RM50 per month. There are three shared plans.

Lite gives you a single site, a free domain name, automated backups, and a drag and drop website tool. There are no limits to storage and bandwidth.

The Pro plan allows you to remove the limit on websites and cuts loading speed by 50%. Premium Pro gives your business a dedicated IP address, free premium SSL certificate, and cuts loading speed by 75%.

The firm’s pricing is transparent, so there are no nasty surprises when you pay. Other firms add in extras like domain privacy and backup charges.

The packages here give you the most features for the price you pay.


  • Outstanding value
  • The firm is generous with features
  • Free domain name and unlimited storage with all plans
  • 300% energy match
  • Customer service is friendly and efficient


  • The nearest servers are in Europe

5. Kinsta

kinsta logo

Kinsta gives you access to Google Cloud servers. There are several data centers in Asia, assuring Malaysians excellent coverage. The service is enterprise-grade, reliable, and swift.

With plans that start at RM124 a month, Kinsta may not be ideal for beginners.

For small to medium companies, the fast response times and outstanding features make it worth considering.

There are too many plans for us to go through here today. The upside of this is that there’s bound to be one to suit each need. Should you not find the perfect match, get in contact with the sales team, and they’ll create a custom plan.

Those features that we spoke of earlier include self-healing and auto-optimization options. You’ll also receive free caching and access to KeyCDN to deliver faster data transfer speeds.

You’re paying premium pricing, but you get good value.


  • Powered by Google Cloud
  • Outstanding security solution
  • You may select hourly backups
  • A free SSL certificate comes with each package
  • Developer support comes standard


  • No phone support
  • Premium pricing

6. Bluehost

bluehost logo

Bluehost has several servers in Asia, America, and Europe. Another WordPress favorite, the company earned an impressive reputation in its early days. Service delivery levels dropped a few years ago, but Bluehost has since taken corrective action.

You’ll pay between RM12 and RM57.50 monthly. The firm provides WP Managed solutions, VPS, and dedicated servers, but these cost more.

A Basic plan comes with a free domain name, one website, and 50 GB of standard storage. You’re able to add several subdomains.

The Plus option is the Basic plan on steroids. You’ll only get one domain name, but all the other options are unlimited. You’ll qualify for a free spam expert and be able to test Microsoft 365 Mailbox for free.

Choice Plus adds automated backups and free domain privacy to the mix.

The Pro Plan provides all the necessary features and boosts performance. You receive a dedicated IP.


  • WordPress-endorsed
  • Unlimited features on most plans
  • Inexpensive options
  • A helpful knowledge base on the site
  • Several Asian servers


  • The company is quick to throttle accounts
  • Backups should be available with all packages

7. Cloudways

cloudways logo

Cloudways has the most servers of everyone on this list. They have several situated in Asia, providing us with blazingly fast speeds.

Cloudways distinguishes itself by offering the client several options. These may seem overwhelming at first because you choose each resource individually. The upside is that consumers may pay for resources on a monthly or hourly basis.

Contracts run from one month to the next, so you don’t need to commit to two or three years upfront. The three-day free trial allows you to take a look around the system. From there, it’s up to you.

Cloudways is known for its reliable uptown and outstanding speeds. You’ll pay RM40 a month for a starter package and about RM4275 a month for the top package. The customer service center will assist you in narrowing down your choices.

All clients get:

  • Caching
  • Automatic backups
  • Simple migration tools
  • Impressive security
  • Auto-healing
  • A free SSL certificate
  • Access to advanced coding options


  • Free 3-day trial
  • No long-term plan
  • Scalable resources
  • You’re able to manage resources accurately
  • Several Asian servers
  • Excellent tools to build a beautiful site


  • The package options are confusing
  • The company only provides cloud hosting

8. HostPapa

HostPapa logo

HostPapa servers are in America, Canada, and Europe. It’s encouraging that the company recently added two new server centers. They’re highly responsive to their target market’s needs.

You’ll pay between RM12 and RM33 for shared services. HostPapa allows you to pay for three years upfront. Please keep in mind that renewing your plan will cost you significantly more after the initial term.

The Starter package is more generous than most. You’re allowed to add two websites, and you’ll receive 100 GB standard storage with unlimited bandwidth. Your domain name and SSL are free.

The Business package takes things up a few notches. Unlimited storage, sites, and databases are features that make this plan popular.

If you prefer the best of the best, the Busines Pro package might suit you better. It includes all the features of the previous plans and better speed and security. Your site performs better, and you receive access to advanced options and backups.

This plan lets you build 1,000 pages on the web-builder for free.


  • High reliability
  • Outstanding service
  • Free domain name
  • Simple to understand plans
  • Free one-on-one training


  • The nearest data center is in Europe
  • The slow speed of the cheaper plan makes image-rich websites impractical

9. HostGator

hostgator logo

HostGator’s servers are all in America. That’s one reason that they’re so far down this list. Don’t take this to mean that the speeds are slow. They’re not, but they don’t come close to A2 hosting or Cloudways.

That’s the tradeoff for paying between RM11.35 and RM25 monthly. If you’re a new webmaster with a small website, HostGator packages won’t break the bank.

The starter option, Hatchling, let’s you trial own a website. You get a free SSL certificate, domain, and unlimited disk space. This plan only allows one website, however.

Baby is the next step up and allows you to host unlimited websites. It’s not that much more a month, so it works out as a far better deal. If you find that you have a talent for creating webpages, you could knock out a few more with this plan.

Business Plan is the solution for larger sites. You’ll get access to advanced features like SEO tools and different databases.

The firm has a profitable reseller program and provides upgraded services like VPN servers.


  • Web-builder is intuitive to use
  • No limits on storage
  • Affordable
  • Generous range of features
  • Several tutorials on the site to learn more about running your website
  • Tried and tested security
  • A complete range of service options


  • Load speeds may lag occasionally
  • You have to pay for three years upfront to get the best rates

10. Dreamhost

dreamhost logo

Dreamhost’s servers are in America. They’ve developed a good reputation as a reliable host with good speed, so they’re still worth a look. They also have the coveted WordPress endorsement.

Packages start at between RM16.30 and RM70 monthly, depending on which option you choose. The Managed WordPress plans come in at RM70. The VPS plans are slightly cheaper. For the RM16.30 price range, you’re looking at Shared hosting.

Shared hosting will work for beginners. For RM16.30, you get one site with five subdomains. You may add several databases and use up to 50 GB of standard storage.

The Business plans crank up the features. You’ll receive a free domain name, domain privacy, web-builder, and an SSL certificate. Dreamhost will perform simple WordPress migrations for free. The storage space that you receive depends on the product.

The firm also provides web design at reasonable rates. They work through an award-winning design company to provide you with a functional, beautiful site.


  • 97-day, money-back guarantee
  • Near-perfect average uptime
  • Many package choices
  • Earned WordPress endorsement
  • Packages are generous for this price range


  • The company must improve client service
  • No Asian call centers

How To Find The Best Web Host for Malaysia

Your website is your pet project. You’ve put some effort into creating it, and now it’s time to give it the best chance of success. We’ve given you ten solid choices to start.

To simplify the process even more, we’ll now explain some of the standard industry terms. We’ve focused on what’s most important for the site’s performance. Anything else is just like icing on a cake. It’s a nice decorative touch.

When selecting a host, see what the companies say about these aspects. Bad service providers often try to gloss over issues that matter by loading up the features that don’t matter. Protect yourself by learning the industry terms.

Server Location

Where are the company’s servers? The further the servers are from your target market, the more data from your site must travel to reach them. Load speeds suffer as a result.

For Malaysian consumers, server centers in Asia are usually the optimal choice.


Uptime is an equally important measure. It refers to the amount of time your website is online. You might find a server in the same city. If their servers are unreliable, you’re better off choosing a host from further afield.

Servers may crash for several reasons. Find a host that has redundancy built into their network to guard against crashes.

Disk Space

Disk space is a measure of the physical space you use on the servers. The measurement incorporates space used by your website and applications like email.

To ensure that you have enough space, think about your website goals. Will your site be feature-rich? Will it have many images or other large files? If so, get more disk space.

Bandwidth and Data Transfer

Bandwidth refers to the movement of data. When a visitor visits your website, their device sends a data request to the servers. The servers transmit the data. These transfers use up bandwidth.

Where this becomes problematic is when you have many visitors. Congestion on the network uses up available bandwidth fast.


Speed means how long it takes for each page to load. Online, every millisecond counts. The size of your website affects how quickly it loads. There is, however, much you can do to compress the file.

The host’s server capacity, location, and performance-enhancing scripts are an equally important factor.


Web-users understand more about cybersecurity today. They’re not likely to part with their credit card details unless they feel your website is trustworthy.

An SSL certificate is a minimum requirement here. This certificate tells users that you encrypt their sensitive financial information.

In the past, this only mattered to e-commerce providers. Today not having an SSL certificate means a lower page rank.


Every second your site is offline costs you money. The best hosts provide support twenty-four hours a day. Top companies give clients the option of online support, instant chat, and phone support.

Check reviews to see how quickly they answer queries. An excellent online support response time is two-hours at most.