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Apple wins patents for advanced geotagging iOS journaling system

Apple has won a patent for an advanced journaling system that can add timestamps and geotags to any event on an iOS device, including phone calls, app downloads, and each time a song has been played, for example.

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EFF Wins Renewal of Smartphone Jailbreaking Rights

The Electronic Frontier Foundation won renewal of critical exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act , including the upholding of jailbreaking rights for smartphones as well as new and expanded legal protections for video remixing.

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Intec Phama wins US patent for accordion capsule

Last week, Intec Pharma announced successful results in the Phase II study of its Levodopa accordion capsule for the treatment of advanced Parkinson's Disease.

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Cadbury wins legal battle over purple packaging

Cadbury owns the colour purple in chocolate packaging terms at least, a High Court judge has ruled.

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Louboutin wins U.S. court bid to protect red soles

NEW YORK – The bright red soles on French footwear designer Christian Louboutin's high-heeled shoes are so distinctive they deserve trademark protection, a U.S. appeals court has ruled.

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Ben & Jerry's wins order blocking porn copycat DVDs

NEW YORK – Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc on Thursday won a court order temporarily blocking a producer of pornographic DVDs from selling and advertising titles with names similar to those of the company and its ice cream flavours.

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Louboutin Wins Protection For Red, But Don't Try To Grab Blue Just Yet

Owens-Corning has protection for its pink insulation. Competitors have to steer clear of the green-gold color of Qualitex's distinctive dry-cleaning pads. So why can't fashion designers claim a monopoly on a color?

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