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Lumia Cyan Live for 100 Windows Phone Devices/Operators: All Developer Preview Devices to Get Update in Three Weeks

Microsoft has unleashed the Lumia Cyan update for another batch of devices having Preview for Developers.

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Windows Phone 8 will be upgradeable

Microsoft has stated that its Windows Phone 8 series will be seeing updates in the future, unlike its Windows Phone 7 series that left many of its users stuck on outdated software. Greg Sullivan, a senior marketing manager at Microsoft, stated We’re going to have an upgrade path going forward. Windows Phone 8 can evolve. Read The Full Story

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Skype disables Windows Phone 8 app's People Hub integration

Skype is temporarily disabling the integration of its Windows Phone 8 app with the operating system's People Hub due to "stability" issues.

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Microsoft rolls out always-on Skype for Windows Phone 8

Yet another way to let people contact you ALL THE TIME Microsoft has dropped Skype for Windows Phone 8 into its app store, the pocket-sized version of its desktop counterpart.?

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Patent troll claims it invented the Windows 8 and Windows Phone "tiles"

Never shipped a product, only started describing its tech as "tiles" in 2011.

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Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 Metro App Ecosystem Set to Grow

Analysis: If Microsoft truly fulfills its potential to unify platforms, that will give its operating systems a distinct edge and grant users a clear benefit.

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Join us tomorrow for Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit

Microsoft is holding a Windows Phone summit in San Francisco on June 20 where it should reveal Windows Phone 8. Join CNET for live coverage.

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