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Protest on Web Uses Shutdown to Take On Two Piracy Bills

With a Web-wide protest on Wednesday that includes a 24-hour shutdown of the English-language Wikipedia, the legislative battle over two Internet piracy bills has reached an extraordinary moment — a political coming of age for a relatively young and disorganized industry that has largely steered clear of lobbying and other political games in Washington.

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Wikipedia blackout: Why even supporters question anti-SOPA move

As the fracas over the proposed federal anti-privacy legislation known as SOPA heats up this week, the open-source encyclopedia website, Wikipedia, says it will shut down for 24 hours, beginning midnight Tuesday to protest what the website warns is a threat to free speech.

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Wikipedia threatens shutdown in protest at US piracy bills

Wikipedia threatens to shut down its English-language site for 24 hours in protest at proposed US anti-piracy laws.

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The Porn and Spam Behind Tumblr’s Meteoric Rise [Valleywag]

Valleywag The sun is shining bright for Tumblr today. The microblogging platform raised $85 million and was heralded as ” bigger than Wikipedia .” But Tumblr’s explosive growth has been driven by huge quantities of porn and spam, and that seems to make the startup uncomfortable. More »

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