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yARN: What do Android phone owners have against Wi-Fi?

An analysis of US and UK smartphone usage shows that iPhones are far more likely to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi than Android handsets are.

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Providing Wi-fi As A Perk Has A Price For Businesses

The Internet helps drive business at Fabulous Freddy’s. The local car-wash and lube chain offers customers Wi-Fi Internet access while they wait for their cars, and the perk has become an important customer-service boost for the company’s five Las Vegas (6 hours ago)

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Kobo unveils Wi-Fi Touch Edition e-reader for $129.99

Fresh off raising $50 million, Kobo has announced a new touch-screen e-ink e-reader, the $129.99 Kobo Wi-Fi Touch Edition. (23 hours ago)

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Wi-fi Direct Still Finding Its Stride

Wi-Fi Direct is still scarce in announced or shipping products, but it would be wrong to reach a gloomy conclusion about the new peer-to-peer technology. (10 mins ago)

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