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During hearing, Congress defends phone unlocking rights

Legislature aligns itself with the White House, hoping to fix last fall’s decision.

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White House Backs Unlocking Phones–but It's Still Not Legal

The White House threw its weight behind a petition to allow iPhone and Android users the right to unlock their smartphones.

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Michael Kwan

A law went into effect earlier this year that effectively made it illegal for you to unlock your phone. Naturally, many mobile enthusiasts weren’t happy about that decision, so they put together a petition and got over 100,000 signatures . The White House was then compelled to respond and now they have.

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quot;Unlock Our Cell Phones," Demand White House Petitioners

White House petitioners are demanding the right to have unlocked cell phones.

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Phone locking petition off to White House

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 — A petition asking the White House to legalize cellphone unlocking has enough signatures to go to the Obama administration for consideration, its backers say.

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U.S. seeks to tackle trade-secret theft by China, others

WASHINGTON – Faced with the growing theft of U.S. trade secrets, the White House said on Wednesday it was stepping up diplomatic pressure and mulling tougher laws to stem the threat to American businesses and security from China and other nations.

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Obama Wants to Trademark the GI Bill. Good Luck With That

The White House tries to keep returning vets from being taken for a ride

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