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Business Insider Is Hiring An Awesome Mobile Product Manager

Business Insider is looking for a mobile-focused Product Manager to join the team in building the fastest-growing business news site on the web. Are you attached to your phone at all hours? Do you have five weather apps just to determine which is best? Do clunky digital experiences drive you nuts?

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Indoor options for trick-or-treaters

CLIFTON PARK Don’t worry trick-or-treaters, if the weather is too bad for outdoor treat-gathering Wednesday night there are indoor options available.

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Combine drivers are continuing to make the most of the weather, with harvest in full swing from Lands End to John O’Groats.

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39;Sexperiment:' Pastor, Wife Weather 24 Hours in Bed on Church Roof

Determined to articulate God’s plan for sex within the context of marriage, Pastor Ed Young and his wife, Lisa, were nearly halfway through their 24-hour "bed-in" on their church’s rooftop Friday, when they realized their message was going to be harder to deliver than first thought.

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Sick-day faking on the rise

CHICAGO If you plan to use the last of your 2011 sick days before the end of the year even if you’re not really under the weather you might not be alone.

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IBM pushes BlueGene/Q to 100 petaflops

Weather boffins buy Power 775 super nodes SC11 If all things had gone well and as expected with the IBM ” Blue Waters ” contract with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois, the Power 775 supercomputer nodes and their homegrown networking infrastructure would have been the big event at the SC11 supercomputer conference in Seattle this week.?

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Listen & Spin in Mashable’s Turntable.FM Room With Miles Jones & Mike Notar

The weather outside is frightening but everything’s peachy in the Summer Fridays Turntable.FM room , brought to you by Mashable and? (1 day ago)

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