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HTC takes another punch to the wallet, loses $40m gaming investment

OnLive: Cloudy gaming biz restructures, junks investments Taiwanese phone-maker HTC has just seen the $40m it shovelled into an internet gaming company go up in smoke.?

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Apple's Latest Passbook Patent Is for Shopping [Patents]

Patents Apple has landed some more intellectual property for Passbook, its mobile wallet solution for iOS 6. This time it's a patent directly related to shopping . More »

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The design element that can add drama and save cash

While drama may be unattractive in other aspects of your life, a dash of it can be just what your home's decor needs to spice things up. Fortunately, you don't have to choose between drama and cents. At least one popular design element can deliver positive impact on your decor and your wallet: skylights.

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Apple's New NFC Travel Patent Looks a Whole Lot Like Passbook [Apple]

Apple We've already seen Passbook , Apple's new mobile wallet solution that pulls all of your loyalty cards and tickets into one spot. It will debut in iOS 6, and now the company has earned a new patent for NFC travel check-ins , which is essentially the travel portion of what we know exists. More »

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Don’t expect the phone to replace the wallet soon

NEW YORK, USA: Many big-name retailers from Gap to Toys R Us are partnering with banks, payment processors and Google to let shoppers tap their mobile phones instead of swiping their credit cards to pay for goods.

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Google creates phone/wallet

Plenty of companies would love to get their hands on our wallets. But Google wants to go one step further: It wants to be our wallets.

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Mobile Wallet Patent Granted to DeviceFidelity

Patent describes a Near Field Communications based multiple account wallet implementation for mobile devices (8 hours ago)

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