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Intel demos next-generation voice and gesture interfaces

Offers a million bucks for the best 'perceptual computing' idea IDF 2012 Intel wants computers to be as smart as humans in how they understand voices and gestures and it's offering $1m to the best idea that can help achieve that goal.?

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Avoid Twitter Censorship

When Twitter announced a change to their censorship policy in January, Twitter users and pundits rose dutifully to the defense of free speech. Critics said the company sought to silence voices of dissent in compliance with requests from autocratic governments and anti-transparency bureaucracies.

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VIDEO: Voices Around Town: How do you feel about SOPA?

By Anna Li What are your feelings on the Stop Online Piracy Act?

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Local voices part of new Civil War exhibit at Hayes center

Guests at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center are seen through the glass of a display during the opening night of the new “Civil War: Battlefield & Homefront” exhibit. (23 mins ago)

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Worldwide choir a virtual masterpiece

The curtain opens, the voices rise, but it takes a moment or two for a viewer’s senses to sync with the component parts of the ”choir”. The layered notes of the American composer Eric Whitacre’s Lux Aurumque register first. Then the earnest faces of singers engaged in a startling unanimity of purpose come into focus on dozens of small screens. (43 mins ago)

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