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Heavy violence engulfs southern Damascus

Syria was convulsed by one of the most violent days in months Monday, with heavy fighting reported around Palestinian neighborhoods in southern Damascus, at least two car-bomb explosions and strikes by government aircraft on numerous rebel targets.

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UN halts Syria work

UN observers suspended their mission to Syria on Saturday, blaming intensifying violence as troops rained shells down on rebel bastions including Homs, where the opposition warned a massacre was imminent.

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Syrian violence spills over into Lebanon

BEIRUT Syrian forces killed at least five people when they raided a Sunni farming village on Sunday, torching homes and looting shops in what activists said is a sign of worsening relations among the country’s religious groups.

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United Nations monitors tour Syria as violence lulls

DAMASCUS : United Nations ceasefire monitors were touring towns near the Syrian capital on Monday, an official said, as the European Union slapped new sanctions on the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

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Arab League officials arrive in Syria amid violence

The first wave of Arab monitors have arrived in Syria as residents are plagued by violence.

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Iraq monthly attacks toll up by a quarter

BAGHDAD, Apr 01, 2011 – The number of Iraqis killed in violence in March rose by a quarter compared to the previous month, according to figures released Friday. (17 mins ago)

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Metro Families Nervously Watching Violence In Egypt.

What started out as a vacation for Julie Roy’s father and step-mother has turned into a front row seat to history and the violent political upheaval that has trapped them both smack in the middle of the chaos. (32 mins ago)

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