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Google,viacom Settle 7-year Dispute

Google Inc. recently announced that it has resolved a seven year old patent violation lawsuit with Viacom Inc.

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Court again nixes Viacom $1B suit against YouTube

NEW YORK For the second time in three years, a federal judge has dismissed Viacom's $1 billion copyright lawsuit against YouTube, saying the online video site doesn't have to police itself as long as it removes infringing videos when copyright owners give notice.

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Google's YouTube again beats Viacom in copyright case

A federal judge has again thrown out Viacom Inc's copyright infringement lawsuit against Google Inc over the latter's YouTube service, a year after a federal appeals court had revived the case.

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Google attempts new defense against Viacom lawsuit: Spreadsheet snark

It never fails: If you're looking to press home the disdain you have for a particular topic, sarcasm remains a formidable tool. Just ask Google, whose latest legal motion in the ongoing battle agains Viacom over YouTube copyright infringement is a classic of the artform.

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Monsanto, Viacom, Vf, Pirate Bay: Intellectual Property

Monsanto Co. , the world’s biggest seed company, has suspended collection of royalties for its Roundup Ready soybeans in Brazil while it appeals a state court ruling on intellectual property rights.

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Viacom’s YouTube Suit Back in Play

Viacom’s five-year-old,billion-dollar lawsuit againstYouTube has been given newlife by a federal appeals court? in a ruling that could changehow Internet sites must complywith digital copyright law.

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Viacom's $1b Youtube Suit Returns

The $1 billion lawsuit brought by Viacom and others against YouTube was revived by a panel of federal judges. Photo Credit: Getty Images

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