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Monkeymedia Wins New User Interface Patents

AUSTIN, Texas—-Today, the USPTO issued new patents to interactivity pioneer Eric Gould Bear with a 1992 priority date pertaining to methods of navigating video and other media by de-emphasizing non-salient content.

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US ITC judge rules against Motorola in dispute with Apple

An administrative law judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled that Apple did not violate a Motorola Mobility patent relating to a sensor controlled user interface for a portable communication device.

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Apple wins 27 new patents for iOS, Apple TV and more

Apple has been granted even more new patents. This time, the US Patent and Trademark Office has published 27 new patents, involving the Apple TV, new icons, the camera on iOS devices, the iPod’s user interface and more.

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UX and IPR – UX Matters

Your Design Is Infringing On My Patent: The Case Against User Interface and Interaction Model Patents and Intellectual Property (11 hours ago)

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ChangeDetect Website Redesigned – Goodbye 2002

goldfish leaping bigger bowl

The ChangeDetect web page monitoring service has been in continuous operation since March 2002.

Previously, we had focused most of our design efforts on new features and functionality.

Flash forward to 2010, more than eight years later, and we have now updated the look and feel of ChangeDetect to modernize the user interface thereby improving the user experience.

The new look for ChangeDetect is intended to be cleaner, more open and easier to navigate. We believe that the new web design will not only present a fresher face for ChangeDetect, but will provide a solid foundation for upcoming enhancements and other developments.

The redesign is far from complete, but our subscribers both new and old may continue to rely on ChangeDetect for web page monitoring and other content monitoring solutions.

We remain committed to providing superior service and support to our subscribers and we believe that the ChangeDetect redesign reflects our ongoing commitment to these goals.

If you have any feedback or ideas to make ChangeDetect web page monitoring even better, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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