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Top US court throws out human gene patents

THE US Supreme Court has thrown out a lower court ruling allowing human genes to be patented, a topic of enormous interest to cancer researchers, patients and drug makers.

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Prometheus Patents

NEW YORK The US Supreme Court today invalidated two patents held by Prometheus Laboratories in a widely watched case for those involved in the personalized medicine field.

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U.S. Supreme Court petitioned to review AMP, et al. lawsuit on gene patents

Association for Molecular Pathology ) The American Civil Liberties Union and the Public Patent Foundation have petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear Association for Molecular Pathology v. US Patent and Trademark Office, a case that challenges the validity of patents on two human genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

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Microsoft presents legal brief in i4i patent fight

The company has filed a new legal brief to the US Supreme Court in its bid to overturn a $200m judgement regarding patents owned by i4i ( ZDNet UK – Intellectual Property ) (12 mins ago)

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