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Navajo Nation lawsuit against clothing store to stay in NM

The Navajo Nation sued Urban Outfitters accusing the company of trademark infringement, for using the Navajo name in a line of clothing. And a judge has ruled the case will stay in New Mexico.

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Samsung, Kimberly-clark, Urban Outfitters: Intellectual Property

Samsung Electronics Co. can pursue its efforts to rescind a ban on U.S. sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer that’s part of a dispute with Apple Inc., a U.S. appeals court said Sept. 28.

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Navajo Nation sues retailer

FARMINGTON If you didn't grab a pair of Navajo Hipster Panties last fall, you missed your chance. The Navajo Nation late Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Urban Outfitters, the clothing retailer that pulled more than 20 Navajo-themed products from its shelves in October after the Nation alleged trademark violations.

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