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After five years, "dancing baby" YouTube takedown lawsuit nears a climax

Judge says he doesn't see a clear win for either EFF or Universal Music.

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Dancing Baby video court battle resumes

The Electronic Frontier Foundation argued Universal Music Corp. violated the law when it sent YouTube a takedown demand against the home movie where a toddler dances to a Prince song.

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Megaupload Drops Universal Lawsuit to Focus on Criminal Charges

Embattled Megaupload is dropping a lawsuit against Universal Music that accuses the label of unlawfully removing from YouTube a four-minute video Megaupload produced featuring Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, will.i.am and others praising the notorious file-sharing service.

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Universal Blasts Megaupload in Video Takedown Flap

Universal Music ripped into Megaupload in a new court filing, declaring it a pirate site in the label's legal defense of a suit accusing it of abusing copyright law by forcing YouTube to take down a video of famous musicians and celebrities praising the notorious file-sharing service.

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Universal Music Sues Grooveshark Over Piracy

UMG has sued file-sharing service Grooveshark over posting 100,000 pirated songs.

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Lawsuit claims Grooveshark workers posted 100,000 pirated songs

Universal Music claims that Grooveshark employees systematically uploaded unauthorized music to the service.

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Strange turn in dancing baby vs. Prince case

Mother who posted video to YouTube of her children dancing to Prince song and later sued Universal Music for trying to remove it is accused of violating court order, loses attorney-client privileges. (1 day ago)

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