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Patent Trolls’ Destroy Value And Innovation

The U.S. patent system is one of best in the world, but it needs help.

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The Shield Act Tries To Kill The Patent Trolls. But Does It Go Far Enough?

My colleagues over at The Register report the following: Shell companies that threaten legal action over patent infringement without actually producing anything themselves could be driven out of business if the newly proposed and risibly backronymed Saving High-tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes Act becomes law.

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You can help fix patent laws now!

International patent harmonisation effort wants your input While Barack Obama frets about patent law and trolls attack even helpful government e-health initiatives , IP experts around the world are quietly working on something that might just help: a survey!?

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Copyright trolls, biz scum, freetards – it's NOT black and white

New Media Rights man on the 50 shades of grey in IP debate Sysdmin blog A new intellectual property rights organisation has popped up in the United States called New Media Rights . New Media Rights strikes a different balance than most intellectual property organisations; they champion the rights of independent creators as well as those of individual consumers.?

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Google: Don't Let Trolls Exploit Patent System Flaws

Abuse of our patent system is becoming a drag on innovation in the software and internet sectors, and it’s hurting consumers. Companies are especially concerned about lawsuits often involving software claims filed by patent assertion entities commonly known as trolls.?

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Google, Samsung forced to downgrade Galaxy Nexus

Apparently, this is a major victory of the patent system. This, this right here, this is what the patent system has come to. This is the destructive effect it's having on this once beautiful industry. Thanks to trolls like Apple and Microsoft, basic, elemental functionality is being removed from devices people already own.

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Patent trolls beware: app makers partnering up with legal community

Appsterdam wants to be a "one-stop legal shop for the app maker community."

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