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Patent troll claims it invented the Windows 8 and Windows Phone "tiles"

Never shipped a product, only started describing its tech as "tiles" in 2011.

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10 Ways Startups Can Deal With Patent Troll Demands

Editor’s note: Colleen V. Chien is an assistant professor of law at Santa Clara University School of Law. Stefani E. Shanberg is a partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. It’s no fun receiving a patent demand, but rest assured, you are not alone. When that dreaded invitation to license? or, worse, complaint? arrives at your doorstep, what should you do?

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Tracking-services Patent Used to Threaten Cities Across the U.S. Challenged

Patent Troll Files Flurry of Lawsuits Over Widely Used Transit-Arrival Systems

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NYT fights back against links-in-texts patent

Troll meets big billygoat A patent covering sending HTML links in text messages is to get a legal workout, with the New York Times telling the patent holder see you in court?.?

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Defining the patent troll

Analysis: Has the CSIRO imposed a tax on innovation?

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Patent Troll Sues Apple Over Backup Feature

IP monetization firm Stec IP claims that Apple is violating one of its recently acquired patents that describes a technology to backup data in different storage locations.

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Creditor Moves to Dismantle Copyright Troll Righthaven

The financial woes of Las Vegas-based copyright trolling firm Righthaven expanded Saturday when one of its defendants whom successfully beat an infringement suit asked a judge to allow the seizure of its assets, with the help of “reasonable force” from the U.S. Marshal’s Service if necessary. Still, if Righthaven goes under, major copyright issues Righthaven is testing on appeal may go unsettled.

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