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Big Pharma lobbies hard to curb generics

India's tag of 'pharmacy of the developing world' is at a serious threat.Not only has the US devised new treaties to challenge generic drugs being shipped from India, the EU has also upped the ante.

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US groups point out flaws in country’s IPR: report

TWO industry groups in the US identified weaknesses in the country’s intellectual property rights protection as key barriers to trade, noting poor enforcement and judicial system as lawmakers fall behind in ratifying global IPR treaties, reports submitted to the United States Trade Representative office said.

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James Love: White House to Decide if Treaty for the Blind Moves Forward

Beginning June 15, the World Intellectual Property Organization begins nine days of negotiations on possible copyright treaties. The first days will be spent on a proposed treaty on exceptions to copyright for persons who are blind or have other disabilities. (6 hours ago)

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