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U.S. Mulls New Rules on Patent Ownership

Representatives from tech companies including Google Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. are expected to attend an event Friday held to discuss proposed regulations that could add more transparency to the often murky world of U.S. patent ownership.

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New Twitter policy lets users see tweets pulled down for copyright

Twitter has changed the way it responds to DMCA copyright notices. Rather than removing tweets, it is "withdrawing" them instead. This helps show when and why tweets go missing, and also brings new transparency to the DMCA process.

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Google gets 1,5m requests for content removal a week

THE number of requests by rights holders to have content removed from Google has doubled in the last month, according to the search engine’s transparency report.

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Google receives 1.5 mln take down requests per week

Google receives 1.5 million requests per week to remove content from the website, the Internet search engine's transparency report has revealed.

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Google: Nearly 6 Million Requests to Remove Search Results This Month

Google received almost more than 5.6 million URL search removal requests in the last month, according to the latest update to Google's Transparency Report Page. Weekly requests peaked the week of Aug. 13 with 1.49 million URL removal requests.

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Riaa Inaccurately Criticizes Google’s Transparency

When organizations like the MPAA and the RIAA want to complain about the tech industry not helping with the fight against piracy, inevitably, their focus turns to Google. Bing? Not so much, but if you’re going to rattle cages, make

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Google Asked to Yank a Million Search Results a Month

Google received requests to purge more than a million links from its search results in March, according to the search giant's monthly "transparency report."

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