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How Apple Can Trademark ‘app Store’

Apple’s public battle over the term begs the question, how can companies trademark common words? (7 hours ago)

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Amazon fires its first salvo at Apple in war of the phone apps

Amazon launched its “Appstore for Android” selling software and games for download to smartphones yesterday, defying a lawsuit from Apple which claims it infringes the trademark of its own three-year-old App Store (17 hours ago)

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Microsoft to Apple: ‘Oh, yeah? Well, your font is too small’

Size matters in trademark smackdown Microsoft has filed another legal salvo at Apple in the ongoing dust-up over whether the term “App Store” is worthy of being trademarked.? (8 hours ago)

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Apple slams Microsoft’s ‘App Store’ challenge

Apple argues in its effort to trademark “App Store” that the term is no more generic than the software giant’s trademarked “Windows.” (6 hours ago)

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Kraft Foods’ suit: Britannia to take ‘appropriate action’

Britannia Industries, the maker of Tiger biscuits, today said it will take right and appropriate action as it always has? against the lawsuit filed by US-based Kraft Foods for alleged trademark and copyright violation of its Oreo cookie brand. (18 hours ago)

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HP goes tablet trademark mad

THE INQUIRER THE MAKER of very expensive printer ink has trademarked more names for its upcoming tablets. (4 hours ago)

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