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Today’s iPad Trademark News What Happens if Proview Goes to Customs?

The latest news is that Proview, owner of the iPad trademark in China, might file an application with China Customs. This wrinkle was reported on Sina (h/t Bill Bishop/DigiCha ).

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Apple Appeals IPad Trademark Decision in China

A Chinese court rejected in December Apple's lawsuit for the iPad trademark in the country

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Red Sole Issue: Christian Louboutin Moves Appeals Court Against Ysl

In what is regarded as a final attempt to protect its red-sole trademark, French luxury brand Christian Louboutin has taken the case against YSL to the federal appeals judges.

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New Trademarkia Feature Exposes Biggest Trademark Bullies; Apple, Zynga Among Top Five

For a long time, it was easy to search for patents on the Web , but trademarks? Not so much. Thanks to startups like TechCrunch 50 grad Trademarkia , anyone can now do a simple keyword search and pick through each and every U.S. trademark filed since 1870 — if your heart so desires, of course.

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RIM Now Faces Legal Challenge on “BBM” Trademark

BBM Canada is suing the BlackBerry maker, but may be open to a settlement.

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Wimpy Kid” battles trademark-eating zombies in court

Greg Heffley had better take his vitamins and do some push-ups, because he’s about to go up against a formidable foe indeed — a zombie who bears an eerie likeness to him.

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Apple faces legal threat to iPad trademark in China

A Chinese court has rejected Apple’s lawsuits to gain control of the iPad trademark in China, while a little-known Chinese firm raises the stakes and seeks to ban the iconic tablet from being sold in the country under the iPad brand.

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