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Interflora wins M&S trademark case

Flower delivery network Interflora has won its long-running trademark dispute with Marks & Spencer.

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RI brewery changes name to settle fight

A slightly revised name of a Rhode Island microbrewery has helped settle a trademark dispute.

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Nashville cigar company in legal dispute over Led Zeppelin inspired product

Jon Huber is co-founder of the Crowned Heads cigar company, which is in a trademark dispute over the name of its latest cigar line. / John Partipilo / The Tennessean

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Outsiders score using Amish name for marketing

In 2010, Unker’s, a homeopathic pain relief ointment company based in Worland, was looking for a new name after it lost a trademark dispute.

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Newsboys Sue Rap Group in Trademark Dispute

The Newsboys, a popular Christian rock band, has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a rising rap duo that has what the band's attorney calls a "deceptively similar" name.

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Blizzard DOTA changed to Blizzard All-Stars

Company changes name to resolve trademark dispute with Valve; Blizzard allowed to keep using the DOTA name only for noncommercial use for the player community.

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Apple vs. Proview: Media Reports Fictitious Settlement Progress

Just in case you read about this in either Xinhua, Global Times or China Daily, please do not think that anything has actually happened in the iPad trademark dispute, or at least anything that can be verified.

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