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Ghazni is a culture capital with no visitors

Ghazni is the capital of Islamic culture in Asia in 2013. However, the security situation means it cannot be reached by tourists. The organizers want to bring the city to people outside instead.

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Burma just opened up after 50 years. But where are all the tourists?

As Myanmar comes out of five decades of Army-imposed hibernation, it is finding the tourist game a tough one to play.

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Nintendo patent app reveals DS tracking system

A new Nintendo patent application uncovered from the USPTO reveals that the company plans to further extend the use of its gaming consoles in tour guiding. Nintendo had previously outfitted the Louvre so that its 3DS could guide tourists through the museum and now this new patent application shows plans to use the DS with Read The Full Story

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NEDC getting out of tourism marketing business

The Niagara Economic Development Corp. is getting out of the business of marketing the region to tourists outside of the region. (8 hours ago)

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