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Apple Loses Right to iPhone Brand in Brazil

U.S. technology giant Apple Tuesday lost the right to use the iPhone brand in Brazil, according to the country's National Industrial Property Institute .

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Apple's China store-to-customer ratio could 'harm sales'

Apple has a remarkably low store-to-customer ratio in China that could see the technology giant's retail sales suffer if it does not ramp up its mainland expansion.

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iPhone, therefore I crash

Apple is worried about drivers sneaking looks at their iPhone's music collection while they drive and the technology giant is working on a solution.

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Proview Shenzhen asks China distributors to halt iPad sales

HONG KONG – Proview Technology, which is battling Apple over the iPad trademark in China, has asked Chinese distributors to stop selling the popular tablet PC after the U.S. technology giant launched the latest version of its iPad.

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Apple “Hydrogen-fuel Battery” May Keep Future iPhones, iPads and Macbooks Powered for Weeks

Technology giant Apple’s products are well known for design and functionality but Apple fans have an age-old wish – a better battery life. And, this wish could be fulfilled soon as Apple is developing a battery that will run on hydrogen-fuel, a battery that can keep all portable Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook powered, not for days, but for weeks.

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Apple’s lead over rivals could narrow without Jobs

SEOUL – The death of Apple’s inspirational leader is likely to have a deep impact on the technology giant behind the iPod, iPhone and iPad, giving rivals a greater chance of catching up.

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