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Judges quiz lawyers on software patent rules

Lawyers have squared off over US rules for granting patents for software, or if software should be patented at all, in arguments in a case closely watched by Google, Facebook and other technology companies.

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Canadian space sector stalls

Weary of government delays, our largest space technology companies look to the U.S.

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ITC launches patent investigation against Amazon, Samsung and others

IDG News Service – The U.S. International Trade Commission said Tuesday it had launched an investigation into wireless consumer electronics devices and components from 13 top technology companies and their subsidiaries, including Samsung, Acer, and Nintendo, for alleged infringement of a patent.

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Lawyer Urges Michigan Tech Companies To Seek Speedier Patents

Eric Sosenko, an attorney in the Ann Arbor office of the intellectual property law firm Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, Monday urged Michigan's technology-driven companies to consider investing in a new option under patent reform, the "America Invents Act," that allows the expediting of patents.

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Patent plaintiffs target Facebook as IPO approaches

As it prepares for one of the biggest IPOs ever, Facebook is coming under the same fierce attacks being waged against other big technology companies: patent lawsuits.

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Msu Licenses Food Safety, Security Technology To Spinout

Michigan State University has licensed a suite of technologies to detect a broad range of pathogens and toxins to Michigan-based start-up nanoRETE. The company was launched by Michigan Accelerator Fund I , an investment partnership focused on Michigan-based early stage life science and technology companies.

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Law professor weighs in on SOPA

Technology companies and consumers have been lobbying against online piracy for weeks. However, it wasn't brought to the majority of American's attention until Wikipedia announced its 24-hour blackout on Jan. 18, just days before SOPA and PIPA were set to be debated in Senate.

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