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Nintendo Forces Takedown of Super Mario 64 HD Browser Project

N64 game's first level had been made playable in your browser.

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Twitch Streamer Claims He Received Unfair Dmca Takedown From Azubu

League of Legends broadcaster SpectateFaker says that game streams of prominent player "Faker" were unfairly removed due to a DMCA takedown from rival service Azubu.

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Reddit Bans User Accounts After Receiving Takedown Requests From Sony Over Leaked Documents

Reddit took the rare step of banning an entire subreddit.

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Site plagiarizes blog posts, then files DMCA takedown on originals

All stories about a disgraced researcher get pulled by WordPress.

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Twitter to withhold, not delete, infringing tweets under DMCA

Despite a couple fake DMCA takedown tweets, no one yet appears to have been hit.

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Artist who sued Twitter over copyright declares victory’via settlement

Twitter no longer ignoring photographer’s DMCA takedown notices.

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How a single DMCA notice took down 1.45 million education blogs

Massive takedown over 20-item questionnaire was "ham fisted," says lawyer.

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