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Manziel files lawsuit over use of nickname

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel's corporation, JMAN2 Enterprises, is suing a T-shirt seller over trademark infringement for using the Johnny Football nickname.

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Udel. Students Sue Over T-shirt Sale Ban

Two University of Delaware students filed a federal suit after they say the school banned them from selling T-shirts at a football game printed with a crude cheer. An attorney for the pair says their

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Guitar maker sues Web-based t-shirt vendor for shirts reading "born to rock"

Firm's lawsuit poses a threat to user-designed merch sites like CafePress.

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Fake T-shirt designer stops business

BETHANY BEACH — It's been said that any publicity is good publicity, but that's not the case for one Bethany Beach business.

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Were Tim Tebow's Lawyers Wrong for Threatening to Sue 'Jesus' T-Shirt Makers? Fan's View

I don't see what all the hubbub is about regarding Tim Tebow's attorneys sending a cease and desist letter to a company that created a t-shirt with a remixed New York Jets logo with a Jesus-friendly theme.

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