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Skype ditched peer-to-peer supernodes for scalability, not surveillance

Before Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, the voice calling service was already ditching its “near impossible to wiretap” peer-to-peer model in favor of the cloud.

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PRISM Companies Start Denying Knowledge of the NSA Data Collection Program

As the NSA surveillance story goes from bad to worse to Philip K. Dick, some of the Silicon Valley companies implicated in the so-called "PRISM" program are denying that they've ever heard of it.

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Surveillance Catalog Is Creepy Read

An online catalog of promotional material from companies hawking high-tech spy products to law enforcement and intelligence agencies was published today by the Wall Street Journal. It’s a catalog that’s at best, disturbing and at worst, unnerving.

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RIM Meets Indian Gov’t in the Middle on User Surveillance

RIM has agreed to let Indian officials conduct lawful surveillance of customers in that country using its BlackBerry services, according to a recent report. The decision is yet another step in RIM’s long, drawn-out battle with New Delhi over the latter’s demands to monitor users of BlackBerry services in India.

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Supreme Court Docket: Surveillance, Profanity and Thought Patents

The Supreme Court’s 2011-2012 term begins Oct. 3 with arguments on the docket concerning everything from television profanity to warrantless GPS surveillance.

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Arson Suspected in Buffalo Grove Playground Fire

Police say surveillance video shows two kids near park when fire started. (5 mins ago)

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