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Coffee antioxidants row latest: KonaRed claims victory; VDF insists it isn’t over yet

A legal spat between VDF FutureCeuticals and juice maker KonaRed over coffee fruit antioxidants has moved into a new phase, with KonaRed claiming victory but VDF insisting the dispute is far from over following a ruling from the US patent and trademark office .

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Nestlé claims KitKat legal scalp in chocolate war with Cadbury

Nestlé has won the latest legal spat in its chocolate war with Cadbury after it stopped its rival from copying the shape of its KitKat fingers.

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Cedar Springs loses logo in legal spat: 'We are not Red Flannel Town'

Cedar Springs removes Red Flannel logo from city property over funding dispute with Red Flannel Festival leaders.

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Oracle-Google Trial Jury Try to Avoid Deadlock

The jury in the Oracle-Google Java-Android legal spat are reported to be tantalizingly close to a verdict on the copyright phase of the trial, but remain deadlocked on one question.

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Apple, Amazon app store? spat continues

In a Californian court on Thursday, Apple continued its fight to stop Amazon using the ‘Appstore’ name, claiming that the term is not generic. (8 hours ago)

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