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Yahoo adds two more patent theft charges against Facebook

Washington, Apr 28 : Embattled Internet firm Yahoo has expanded its legal fight with Facebook by including two more charges of intellectual property theft against the social networking giant

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Report: New York student admits hacking Facebook

A 26-year-old New York student has pleaded guilty to hacking into social networking giant Facebook between April and May 2011, online news site The Telegraph has reported.

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Social Networking Fosters Relationship Among Art Professionals in NY #artstech

Following the Twitter hashtag #artstech, art professionals and aficionados are able to connect with one another to foster personal and professional relationships. We use Twitter to not only to connect with one another, but to share what we feel brings value to a larger online arts community,? Francesca Merlino, senior marketing manager at the Guggenheim Museum, told [Full Story?]

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Facebook launches new ‘people talking about’ metric

Social networking giant Facebook has launched a new metric to gauge how much a page is regarded: “People Talking About.” The statistic will be one of four tracked by Facebook’s Pages Insights, tech site Mashable reported.

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Using renewable energy in the data center

Earlier this year, social networking giant Facebook finished construction of its newest data center in Pineville, Oregon. In a press release, Facebook officials touted the new facility as “setting new standards for environmental responsibility in data center design and operations.” Those standards incorporate renewable energy tactics such as rainwater reclamation, solar energy, and heat recycling. (8 hours ago)

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Google+ Hits 20 Million Users. Now What?

The number of people on Google+ has passed 20 million according to ComScore, further validating Google’s biggest attempt at social networking yet. (2 mins ago)

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Patent trolls chase app developers out of the U.S.

Kootol Software Ltd. has sent “a notice” to Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Twitter, and several dozen other tech companies regarding a soon-to-be-awarded patent on a “core technology” apparently involving social networking. (3 hours ago)

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