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White House Backs Unlocking Phones–but It's Still Not Legal

The White House threw its weight behind a petition to allow iPhone and Android users the right to unlock their smartphones.

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Cursive 'is a dying art'

Before smartphones, before personal and laptop computers, and before typewriters, people put pen or pencil to paper by hand writing. And the best of handwriting was cursive.

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FCC has phone-unlock ban on its radar

Until recently, consumers could freely unlock their smartphones without any issue. Then the Library of Congress stepped in.

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TECH TIME: Motorola Razr M for those who don't want huge phones

The trend lately has been for smartphones to go bigger, bigger, bigger.

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EFF Wins Renewal of Smartphone Jailbreaking Rights

The Electronic Frontier Foundation won renewal of critical exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act , including the upholding of jailbreaking rights for smartphones as well as new and expanded legal protections for video remixing.

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Apple, Zimmer, Scripps, Media Televisi: Intellectual Property

An industrial designer testifying for Apple Inc. in its multibillion-dollar trial against Samsung Electronics Co. said the South Korean company copied patented technology for smartphones and tablet computers.

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Why Free Spotify Radio On Your Smartphone Isn’t Coming To Australia

Spotify recently introduced a radio? option to create channels based on a given artist or playlist for users on smartphones but while US customers can access that with the free Spotify service, in Australia it’s only available on paid Premium subscriptions. What gives?

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