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Cloned card gives bizman a Rs76,000 shock

A marketing manager from South Mumbai was left aghast after he received three bank transaction alerts in a day stating shopping had been done from his credit card when, in fact, the card was in his pocket. He immediately got it blocked and approached the police. The police suspect the card was cloned and used in Udaipur by credit card fraudsters.

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Kardashian Khroma Beauty Line Draws $10 Million Lawsuit

Uh-oh! This can't be good for Kim Kardashian's mental health as the mommy-to-be is busy house-hunting and shopping for shoes with beau Kanye West.

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At Towson Town Center, off to the shopping races

39;All-day shopping day' also includes special in downtown restaurants Black Friday got a jump start in some locations around Towson, including at some stores and outlets that opened Thanksgiving evening. But the biggest player in town, Towson Town Center, opted to wait for a slightly more traditional debut at least waiting until the clock struck midnight.

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Is Google Shopping Good For Your Business?

Google Product Search officially becomes Google Shopping starting in October , as Google completes the transition it announced in May. This means Google will move to a full paid inclusion model for product results. Merchants will no longer

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Apple's Latest Passbook Patent Is for Shopping [Patents]

Patents Apple has landed some more intellectual property for Passbook, its mobile wallet solution for iOS 6. This time it's a patent directly related to shopping . More »

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Summer Shopping for Mining Equities with Rick Mills

Equity valuations have so far failed to keep pace with rising bullion prices, but that makes for some outstanding investor opportunities among a few particularly well-positioned juniors that the newsletter publisher identifies as running ahead of the herd this summer.

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Keep sunrays at bay from kids

PARENTS sending their kids back to school are urged to consider sun safety when shopping for new uniforms.

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