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2012 Year In Review: Important Shifts In Google Seo

During the last 12 months (November 2011 to November 2012), SEO professionals have witnessed stunning changes from Google that impact SEO. Two words I frequently saw or heard this year were reputation and trust.

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How SEO Metrics Impact HSN's Merchandizing Strategy at Conductor #C3NY

Enterprise SEO teams often fall into the trap of looking at high-level metrics and missing context, according to Hugo Guzman, Senior Manager of Online Marketing for HSN. Guzman gave SEW a candid preview of his presentation ahead of Conductor C3.

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Don’t Just Pin Images, Optimize For Pinterest Search With Purpose

If you’re a retailer and want to boost traffic and conversions, an image SEO strategy using Pinterest can provide great results fairly quickly. Pinterest activity will not only increase your referral traffic, it can help you connect with your customers and prospects in a mutually beneficial way.

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Rocket Clicks & AdGooroo Increase Sam Ash’s Natural Search Traffic and Sales

CHICAGO & MILWAUKEE—-Digital marketing intelligence provider AdGooroo and digital agency Rocket Clicks use SEO to boost organic search traffic by 15 percent and sales by 30 percent for musical instrument retailer Sam Ash. (10 hours ago)

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Seo Held Liable, Fined In Counterfeiting Case

A website builder and SEO firm has been held liable in federal court in a case in which it was accused of enabling the sale of counterfeit goods. (14 hours ago)

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Court holds SEO firm responsible for online sales of counterfeit golf clubs

A service provider is held liable without being notified goods were phony, lawyers say. (8 hours ago)

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A Local Search Marketing Tactic That’s One For The Books

Some commonplace, traditional promotion methods provide significant SEO benefits for local search marketers. However, many managers expend more time and energy focusing upon elusive technical tricks. Here’s one local SEO tactic that businesses should consider: write a book. (7 hours ago)

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