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AP asks for accounting of fake FBI news stories

SEATTLE Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy and The Associated Press sent separate letters to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday expressing concerns that the FBI faked an AP story to catch a bomb threat suspect in 2007. The AP also asked the Justice Department to account for other times it has posed as a media organization in an investigation.

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Senate may go on recess without passing cyber bill

The Senate could leave town this week for a monthlong break without passing legislation to protect the U.S. electrical grid, water supplies and other critical industries from cyberattack and electronic espionage.

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Gov. Rick Scott’s top advisor arranged $5 million no-bid contract in Senate

The governor’s chief of staff, Steve MacNamara, used his Senate clout to sign a contract for a web-based budget system developed by the business partner of a friend

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Nigeria: Senate Resolves to Increase High Court Judges to 100

Leadership] The Senate, yesterday, endorsed moves to increase the number of Federal High Court judges from 70 to 100.

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Law professor weighs in on SOPA

Technology companies and consumers have been lobbying against online piracy for weeks. However, it wasn't brought to the majority of American's attention until Wikipedia announced its 24-hour blackout on Jan. 18, just days before SOPA and PIPA were set to be debated in Senate.

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SOPA and PIPA postponed indefinitely after protests

When the entire Internet gets angry, Congress takes notice. Both the House and the Senate on Friday backed away from a pair of controversial anti-piracy bills, tossing them into limbo and throwing doubt on their future viability.

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Brett Greene: SOPA and PIPA Bills Threaten Job Creation and Innovation

The Stop Online Piracy Act in the House of Representatives and the Protect IP Act in the Senate are well meaning, but if passed, will be destructive to internet freedoms we've all come to expect.

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