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Monsanto, Merck, Tata, Kraft: Intellectual Property

Monsanto Co. won’t have to face a challenge to its patents on genetically modified seeds after a U.S. appeals court affirmed a decision to throw out a lawsuit filed by organic farmers and seed sellers.

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Grafted seeds gain popularity

In many of the seed catalogs arriving soon in mailboxes, the headliners will be grafted vegetables, in which one or more different varieties grow from a single rootstock. Tomatoes seem to be the grafted transplants most frequently offered, providing greater disease tolerance, bigger harvests, increased vigor and better taste.

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Iht Rendezvous: 'national Rejuvenation'? Or Chinese Fascism?

Some Chinese and international scholars are wondering if the seeds of a fascist-style ideology lie in the ground here, or are already sprouting.

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A garden that is really for the birds

It's one thing for a gardener to provide annuals and perennials that will feed visiting birds all season, whether from the seeds of the plant or the bugs that the plant attracts.

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Uganda: High Costs of Production to Blame for Seed Prices

Seed Companies have blamed the increase in prices of agricultural equipments and seeds to the increased cost of production following the current economic predicament in the country. (46 mins ago)

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