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5 Tips for Braving the BYOD Boom

On today's information technology landscape, one thing is glaringly obvious: Security concerns associated with employees bringing personal devices onto the corporate network — both internal and external — are keeping IT managers up at night. The "consumerization" of IT is having an enormous impact on IT security.

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IBM offering companies their own cloud

The new computers, designed for smaller corporations, deliver cloud computing without the Internet's security concerns.

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Banned by Kenya, controversial Canadian preacher delivers speech via Skype

Deported from Kenya last week due to security concerns, controversial Canadian Muslim preacher Bilal Philips nonetheless delivered his planned speech to Nairobi’s biggest mosque on Saturday via Skype

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PLDT SME Nation introduces improved PLDT Watcher

PLDT SME Nation recently launched its new and improved security monitoring solution, the PLDT Watcher. The newly developed PLDT Watcher is PLDT SME Nation’s solution for business shrinkage and security concerns. (8 hours ago)

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