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Australia Poised to Become First to Ban Tobacco Package Logos

Australia is poised to become the first nation to require tobacco products to be sold in plain packages, a move that could see other countries follow suit and crimp earnings of companies like British American Tobacco Plc. (23 secs ago)

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It could be a year or more before Libya produces enough oil to start exporting it in large amounts again. But once the oil starts flowing, it should bring the price of gasoline down even further. (59 secs ago)

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Wales? only distiller raises a glass in celebration at winning spirits Oscar?

LONDON, Bombay, and Plymouth all have well established links to famous gins. (41 secs ago)

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Luce Forward Attorney Pat Swan Named To Best Lawyers® Advisory Board

SAN DIEGO Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP today announced that Edward Patrick Pat? Swan, Jr., Partner-In-Charge of the firm’s San Diego office, was named a member of the Best Lawyers® Advisory Board. (38 secs ago)

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Surging receivables cause for worry for IT sector: HSBC

HSBC Global Research, in a note on Monday, questioned whether the cash collection of India’s top-tier IT services firms is getting compromised. (8 secs ago)

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Who’s Bucks Fizz?’ They’re making their minds up row

Some would argue the Bucks Fizz brand lost its sparkle long ago. But 30 years after their Eighties pop act made them the darlings of the Eurovision song contest, Bucks Fizz (44 secs ago)

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The Shunglu Committee has found irregularities in the appointment of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor as an international consultant to advise Commonwealth Games Organising Committee about host of activities related to the sporting event. (39 secs ago)

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