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Court again nixes Viacom $1B suit against YouTube

NEW YORK For the second time in three years, a federal judge has dismissed Viacom's $1 billion copyright lawsuit against YouTube, saying the online video site doesn't have to police itself as long as it removes infringing videos when copyright owners give notice.

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No more Kodak moments?

EN route to Harvard for the second time in mid-1976, I well recall the family's visit to Disneyland.

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Htc, Avago, Apple, Shanda, Righthaven: Intellectual Property

HTC Corp. , the largest smartphone vendor in the U.S., said a decision on Apple Inc. s bid to stop some of the Taiwanese company’s imports has been delayed a second time.

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Rick Ross, DJ Khaled & More Being Sued for ‘Teflon Don’ Name

Rick Ross is being sued for trademark infringement, for the second time. (8 hours ago)

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LOUISE GRAY has been chosen to receive this season’s COTTON USA sponsorship prize for the second time. The designer will be supplied with fabrics and cottons to be used in her autumn/winter 2011-12 collection, which will be shown at London Fashion Week on Saturday 19 February. (2 hours ago)

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