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Google Maps fills in the blanks of its North Korea coverage

WEB search giant Google is giving the rest of the world its first glimpse of the framework of the secretive North Korean state.

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Is Google Shopping Good For Your Business?

Google Product Search officially becomes Google Shopping starting in October , as Google completes the transition it announced in May. This means Google will move to a full paid inclusion model for product results. Merchants will no longer

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The Pirate Bay Now on Google's Search Blacklist

Google will no longer suggest that visitors head to The Pirate Bay. The search giant has removed the website's name from its autocomplete suggestions. According to The Pirate Bay this sort of thing does not have much of an impact on its traffic.

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Google: Nearly 6 Million Requests to Remove Search Results This Month

Google received almost more than 5.6 million URL search removal requests in the last month, according to the latest update to Google's Transparency Report Page. Weekly requests peaked the week of Aug. 13 with 1.49 million URL removal requests.

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Why 7 Search Results in Google Should be Your Brand New Lucky Number

A big change seems to be underway on Google, most likely designed to give brands more control of the search results associated with their brand names. Google is now showing three less results on searches for brand names .

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Google Android Voice Search Expanded to 13 New Languages

Google has made it easier for people to use its Voice Search feature for Android in native languages around the world by adding another 13 languages to the more than two dozen it already supported.

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Google's New Search Rankings Penalize Copyright Infringers

Google is rolling out a new search algorithm that will change how rankings are calculated. That means some pages will see a different in how well they rank in searches.

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