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Rogue DMCA Notice Stakes a Bizarre Claim on the Number 45 [Dmca]

Dmca Bogus DMCA notices are unfortunately nothing new, but one recently issued to Google from Microsoft seems to go a bit further’and get a bit more absurd’than your average takedown request. This one hit sites like Wikipedia, the BBC, TechCrunch, and AMC Theaters, seemingly over the use of the number 45. More »

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Cloud Expo Silicon Valley – Democratization of IT: IT as Service Provider

Cloud computing is disrupting the world of IT as we know it. Unlike previous platform shifts, this one enables users to bypass central IT. Whether you call it "Rogue IT" or "Getting My Job Done," end users taking IT into their own hands is happening today.

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MPAA wants more criminal cases brought against 'rogue' sites

A Paramount Pictures exec says the studios continue to make criminal referrals against cyberlocker services dedicated to enabling piracy, and he identifies the top five "rogue" sites.

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Google, Yahoo Join Opposition to Rogue Website Legislation

Google, Yahoo, Facebook and several other large Web companies today joined a growing chorus of strong opposition to proposed legislation that aims to curb online IP and copyright theft by foreign sites.

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House Bill Goes After Rogue Websites

The House introduced a bill this week that would give authorities greater powers to take down rogue websites that provide pirated content.

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