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39;Naked Cowgirl' Sandy Kane planning to trademark her act

New York, July 27 : Bikini-clad Naked Cowgirl Sandy Kane is planning to trademark her act after repeated run-ins with her tighty-whitey-wearing rival, Naked Cowboy Robert Burck.

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China Mobile's Skype rival arrives on Android, iOS worldwide

The VoIP Skype competitor Jego from network carrier China Mobile has rolled out worldwide across both Android and iOS devices.

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Invoking 'Ann Droid': Oracle Compares Google to Harry Potter Plagiarist

In its never-ending effort to prove that Google illegally copied its software code in building the Android mobile operating system, Oracle compares its tech rival to someone shameless enough to plagiarize the structure of a Harry Potter novel.

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Python v. Python: Software foundation fights for trademark in EU

Python foundation tries to block rival trademark claim.

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Tesco in comparison payout to Aldi

Tesco Ireland has agreed to pay its rival Aldi 150,000 euro in damages for inaccurately comparing prices. Related Stories Bill Clinton 'committed' to Ireland Man killed in city bus collision Post-mortem after man killed by bus Nypro Healthcare creates 100 jobs Garda points probe to be 'rigorous'

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Rocket Lawyer: We Will Defend Ourselves Against Legalzoom’s False Accusations?

As we heard last week, online legal services company LegalZoom slapped rival Rocket Lawyer with a lawsuit over false and misleading advertising, trademark infringement and unfair competition. Now Rocket Lawyer is fighting back, saying that LegalZoom is attempting to derail a competitor using frivolous legal tactics.

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Sanitarium wants rival marmite shipment destroyed

Sanitarium is heading to court to order the destruction of an importer's rival Marmite.

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