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Snooki sues rival perfume company for ripping-off her trademark fragrance

Washington, August 31 : American reality television star Nicole Elizabeth 'Snooki' Polizzi has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Excell Brands in New Jersey, claiming that they copied her official trademark fragrance called 'Snooki'.

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Judge allows trademark infringement suit against Google to go forward

A federal district judge in California has rejected a motion to dismiss in a trademark infringement suit against Google. The complaint, brought by CYBERsitter, a company that makes a program that filters content on the Internet, alleges Google and a rival company used "a bait and switch strategy to confuse consumers into purchasing a competing product."

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5-Hour Energy distributor sues rival Aspen Fitness and its CEO

The distributor of the popular 5-Hour Energy drink has revived a lawsuit against a Birmingham attorney and a rival company he owns, claiming theft of trade secrets through a former executive. (4 hours ago)

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Hot Dog Maker Gets Steamed At Competitor, Sues Him

This is a dog fight Chicago will relish. Vienna Beef, one of the world’s most famous hot dog makers, is suing the owner of a rival hot dog company, accusing him of either stealing Vienna’s 118-year-old recipe or lying to customers by claiming that he’s using it. (15 mins ago)

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