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3 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Patent Risk

For startups, patent trolls can be a major headache. Make sure you remain abreast of patent risk to avoid litigation with trolls.

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Agricultural deals with China worry Labour

Labour says little is known about agricultural cooperation agreements signed with China and New Zealand's intellectual property could be at risk.

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African medicinal tea at risk of 'patent' by French company

Feb. 26 It’s been called the new pomegranate juice? blessed with antioxidants and benefits for cardiovascular, diabetes, liver and respiratory ailments. Rooibos tea, grown only in a small are

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Cybersecurity Risk High in Industrial Control Systems

Professionals in energy and other industries say design of control systems makes them vulnerable. If you thought that concerns over the security of the physical infrastructure of the U.S. are overblown, consider what people in industry say. It’s not particularly encouraging, although there are signs that awareness of the issue is rising.

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Should you risk jailbreaking your iPhone?

Chances are, if you don't know the dangers involved, you shouldn't jailbreak.

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Disney On Ice treats Long Beach girls to princess visit, ice show tickets

The message for more than 60 girls from at-risk Long Beach neighborhoods was "Dare to Dream" – just like one of Disney's most popular princesses did.

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Intel’s Trade Agency Patent Case Cited for U.S. Jobs Risk

The Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Arizona, is counting on 300 new high-tech jobs and paychecks for 1,000 construction workers from an expansion of Intel Corp.?s facilities there.

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