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Apple, RIM, US telcos accused of infringing wireless handover patent

Apple, Research in Motion and Motorola Mobility are among 15 companies sued in the U.S. over a fundamental 3G and 4G patent on determining when devices should switch cells in a mobile network.

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RIM patents anti-spycam technology

RIM presented developers at its BlackBerry World conference with a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. Photo courtesy: AFP RELAXNEWS/ Research In Motion – A filing with the US patent office details a system that would make it impossible to take inconspicuous snapshots with an RIM handset.

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Curtains For Rim? Besides Ibm, Are Microsoft, Samsung, Oracle Looking?

Shares of BlackBerry developer Research in Motion jumped on speculation IBM might be interested in part of the company. But others like Microsoft and Oracle , might also want its technology, too.

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Rim, Apple, Mistras, Monster Beverage: Intellectual Property

Research In Motion Ltd. , the Canadian maker of BlackBerry devices, won a judge’s order overturning a $147.2 million patent-infringement award to rival MFormation Technologies Inc. RIM rose as much as 5 percent.

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RIM Ordered to Pay $147 Million for Patent Infringement

Research in Motion Ltd. was ordered Friday to pay $147 million for patent infringement by a U.S. District Court in San Francisco to technology company MFormation Technologies Inc. The lawsuit, initially begun in 2008, deals with RIM's remote management of BlackBerrys on its network.

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RIM in court win over 'BBM' trademark

While it seems nothing can go right for beleaguered smartphone maker, Research in Motion walked away from court with a victory under its belt in a trademark infringement case.

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Oracle considered buying RIM and Palm: Ellison

Oracle considered buying Palm and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion as part of an aborted effort to build its own smartphone, Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, said in court on Tuesday.

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