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Facebook Nudges Users to Catalog the Real World

More than 1 billion people visit Facebook each month, mostly to see photos and messages posted by friends. Facebook hopes to encourage some of them to do a little work for it while they're there.

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Microsoft Patent Shows It’s Working On A Google Glass Type Device Of Its Own

Microsoft had a new patent application published with the USPTO today which shows a glasses-based heads-up display system that could overlay information on the real world for a user. If it sounds familiar, that's likely because that's what Google's trying to accomplish with Project Glass, which actually already has functional prototypes out in the wild.

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WSO2 Brings Workshops on Implementing an Open PaaS to Brazil

PALO ALTO, Calif.—-Half-day WSO2 workshops in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo offer IT professionals real-world best practices for implementing a complete cloud middleware platform and SOA governance

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Technology Facebook checks in, adding location-based feature

Facebook users carrying their smart phones will soon be able to “check in” to real-world locations such as bars, parks and live concerts as the? (41 mins ago)

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