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Fake T-shirt designer stops business

BETHANY BEACH — It's been said that any publicity is good publicity, but that's not the case for one Bethany Beach business.

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Regulator chases party boy's Publicity Monster

Consumer protection authority confirms it is investigating convicted hacker and party boy Timothy Sabre's Publicity Monster firm, which promised businesses it could get them high rankings on Google.

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Jack Daniel's Cease, Desist Letter Earns Good Publicity

Trademark infringement can get ugly but Jack Daniel's actually used it to their advantage . And they still managed to enforce their trademark. The company sent a cease and desist letter to author Patrick Wensink whose new book's cover looked an awful lot like the iconic whiskey label.

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Have US courts gone too far by expanding celebrities’ ‘right of publicity’

Washington, Aug 14 : A University at Buffalo Law School professor is questioning whether American courts have gone too far by expanding the legal rights and privileges celebrities can command over others using their names or likenesses. (3 hours ago)

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Tanzania: Manyanya Thirst for Mother of All Beauty Pageants

MARIAM Manyanya is going into the competition for Miss Ilala on Saturday with only one aim: to win the crown and get the publicity she wants to gun for Miss World. (2 hours ago)

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