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Jennifer Lawrence: Privacy loss takes heavy toll

NEW YORK Jennifer Lawrence says she knew being a movie star would bring with it a certain loss of privacy. What she didn't know, she says, was the deep emotional and even physical toll it would take.

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Big Names Debate Big Data

With issues of privacy and data security in the headlines, Concord Law School, the nation’s foremost online law school, presents, Join the Debate: What’s the Right Balance of Public and Private in a World of Big Data and Internet Superpowers?” The panel will be moderated by NYU Professor Arthur Miller.

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Verizon Wants to Watch and Listen to Your Life While You Watch TV

Privacy Last week, Verizon filed a patent for a set-top box that detects what you're doing while you watch TV, and serves you advertising accordingly. Ew, weird, companies watching what I do while I consume content. Big brother! Chill, son. More »

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The Best Replacements For Privacy-invading Services

It sometimes seems as if every major web service has ridiculous privacy-violating conditions attached. What can you do if you care deeply about privacy but don’t want to leave the internet altogether? Here are some good alternatives to the privacy-sapping big guys. More »

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Want Security and Privacy? Turn Off Your Mobile Devices' GPS

Security experts are making the strong argument to turn off mobile devices' GPS functions unless really needed.

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It's Terrifying and Sickening that Microsoft Can Now Listen In on All My Skype Calls

Enough is enough. Every keystroke made, website visited, and app downloaded is tracked. Now Microsoft can track every conversation you have on Skype. Stop the privacy madness!

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Privacy not in Eric Schmidt's vision of the future

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt painted a messianic picture of our technological future on Monday, involving holographic telepresence, self-driving cars, automatic translation and the widespread deployment of 1Gbps Internet access over optical fiber, bringing transnational peace and communication to all.

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