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J.Co benefiting from Filipinosâ?? â??Love for Sweetsâ??

J.Co, the Indonesian franchise doughnut chain, is making its presence felt in this sweet tooth-country having established 12 stores in just over a year with more outlets in the pipeline.

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WPI alum builds DrinkSavvy, a straw that detects date rape drugs

The Daily Dose clued me in to a new innovation that could help prevent assaults and keep people safer: A straw that changes color in the presence of common date rape drugs.

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Business trend: 'Amish' becomes marketing ploy

As the cultural presence of the Amish grows in mainstream America, the use of the word Amish? in business names and marketing materials has become more common and more lucrative.

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Syria disappears from Internet for 40 minutes

Syria's presence on the Internet suddenly went dark for around 40 minutes on 19 July, Net analysis firm Renesys has reported.

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Shell Lubricants to ride on The Star’s iSnap to enhance profile

SHELL Lubricants, a division of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd , will bank on The Star s new augmented reality feature, iSnap, as a platform to enhance the presence of its Shell Helix motor oil in the lubricant market and forge close interaction with customers.

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This Week in Clinical Cancer Research

In Clinical Cancer Research this week, researchers in the UK investigate the presence of autoantibodies as immunobiomarkers for a panel of tumor-associated antigens in patients with small-cell lung cancer. (5 hours ago)

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Trend Micro gives parents an Online Guardian

The niche market of parental control tools is finally growing up, and services offered by NetNanny, Symantec, and now Trend Micro aim to help parents guide and control their children’s online presence. (15 mins ago)

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