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Google Has Tweaked Its Algorithm To Make It Even Harder To Find Movies On Sites Like Pirate Bay

Google's Pirate update has knocked down the search visibility of torrent sites by as much as 98%.

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The Pirate Bay Is Trying To Ruin This Photographer's Life

Over 20,000 of his photos have been uploaded without his permission.

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How Youtube Will Escape Google’s New Pirate Penalty

Google has announced that it will soon penalize sites that are repeatedly accused of copyright infringement. But one site in particular doesn’t need to worry: Google’s own YouTube. It has a unique immunity against the forthcoming penalty.

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Wikipedia founder calls for UK 'pirate' extradition to stop

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, has stepped up to defend a British student who faces extradition to the U.S. over a link-site that operates "no differently to Google."

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Online Piracy at Colorado State

From music, to movies, to software, college students find themselves tempted to pirate media, but there are serious consequences that three Colorado State University students know all too well.

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Universal Blasts Megaupload in Video Takedown Flap

Universal Music ripped into Megaupload in a new court filing, declaring it a pirate site in the label's legal defense of a suit accusing it of abusing copyright law by forcing YouTube to take down a video of famous musicians and celebrities praising the notorious file-sharing service.

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Review: The Carousel and Pixel Pirate 2

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because Soda_Jerk is in Perth to alter your future through interrogating your past. (13 mins ago)

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